Fine art posters from Star Trek 's original series! Beautiful retro-style prints from TOS Episodes 13, 37, 48, and 51. Limited to just a single run of printings! Star Trek The Original Series Fine Art Poster Set 16 is an amazing lot of fine-art posters that true fans of the Star Trek television show's original series simply cannot do without. Set 19 features 4 retro-style Star Trek posters from TOS Episode 13 "The Conscience of the King," Episode 37 "I, Mudd", Episode 48 "A Private Little War," and Episode 51 "By Any Other Name." Each print measures 24-inches tall x 18-inches wide and is limited to a single run only! This is the nineteenth set in a line of retro-style art prints by artist Juan Ortiz that all take inspiration from Star Trek 's original series. There is a poster for every episode of the original Star Trek television series, including the first pilot, making 80 in all. Collect them all!

Star Trek The Original Series Poster Set 16

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