When a young monk escapes his monastery with an all-powerful secret, he implements it on a town whose inhabitants reap the benefits - and hidden disasters - of its omnipotent, but dangerous knowledge.

Eli Deo is a young monk who finds himself spending less and less time at his monastery. During most of his days he walks to the forest’s edge and thinks about what the world is like beyond his simple life of prayer and aestheticism. He longs to go out and see the vast places beyond the forest and live as a regular person. But there is a problem: Deo belongs to a sacred order - a powerful, yet unknown brotherhood that protects a great secret. He cannot simply leave the monastery, or the knowledge he possesses may be compromised. Knowing that the other monks will never let him go willingly, Deo flees. 

Some time later, Deo returns as a wealthy investor and purchases land near his former monastery, where he builds a town and uses his knowledge on the residents in order to demonstrate to the other monks that their secret is ready to be heard by people at large - an undertaking that does not sit well with the brotherhood from which Deo has escaped. An internal debate rages amongst the brothers as to what should be done with Deo and his town. Should he be allowed to continue his experiment to see if the implementation of the secret is successful? Or should Deo, the town, and all of its inhabitants be eliminated so as to protect their knowledge from a potentially disastrous contamination?

Filled with magic and humanity, Something Known is a story of a community that, person by person, deals with the sufferings of morality and the miraculousness of daily life.


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Something Known by Joseph Atman

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