Crank it your way with Hyper Cluster - the high performance yo-yo system that's as unique as you are! The machined metal bearing in the Hyper Cluster Yo-Yo Core Pack cranks performance up to the next level. Each Skin comes with its own unique, sneaker-fresh artwork and is especially strong in a speed, stamina, loop, weight, or control performance category. Every Core is tailored for enhanced performance in a speed, stamina, or loop category and is available in multiple color combinations to match your favorite Skins. The Hyper Cluster Yo-Yo Core Pack Case contains 3 individually packaged Core Packs: 1x Loop Core Set - Color A 1x Speed Core - Color A 1x Stamina Core - Color A (Subject to change)

Hyper Cluster Yo-Yo Core Pack Case

SKU: BA42440A