Channel La Flama Blanca in your very own Myrtle Beach Mermen t-shirt! T-Shirt mimics the Mermen baseball jersey with Kenny Powers' # 55 on the back. In Carolina blue, just like the Mermen jersey's color scheme from the third season of Eastbound & Down on HBO! "When my ass was 19 years old I changed the face of professional baseball." Whether or not you share Kenny Powers' lofty goal, you can at least change the way you look and upgrade to what is pretty much the best look ever with the Eastbound & Down Myrtle Beach Mermen Blue T-Shirt. If you've ever dreamed of throwing a fastball like #55 you'll have to start practicing on the diamond your damn self, but you can definitely look like you pack the punch of La Flama Blanca in this t-shirt inspired by the third season of the HBO TV show Eastbound & Down when Kenny Powers joins the minor league Mermen of Myrtle Beach. Whether you want to get a laugh from your friends or you just want to look as cool as your favorite overweight and aging minor league pitcher, this Eastbound & Down Myrtle Beach Mermen Blue T-Shirt is one sexy item! General Sizing Chart - Measurements not exact, some may vary. Size Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large Chest Width 18-inches 20-inches 22-inches 24-inches 26-inches Shirt Length 28-inches 29-inches 30-inches 31-inches 32-inches Sleeve Length 7 1/2-inches 8-inches 8 1/2-inches 9-inches 9 1/2-inches

Eastbound & Down Myrtle Beach Mermen Blue T-Shirt

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